Breaking News: PGP Desktop 9.7 Released, Seems to Work

Whatever PGP Corp might think of this consumer anger web site, we are an honest bunch.

We have just heard from multiple sources that as of early this morning, PGP Corporation began sending e-mail alerts notifying PGP users of the immediate release of 9.7. Apparently the upgrade applies to both Win and Mac versions.

A couple of early users confirmed to us that they were able to install 9.7 and use its main functions of PGP Disk, PGP Zip files and Shred without a shred of instability that plagued earlier versions of PGP on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

One user was happy to report to see even the Main Bundle to be back in play! She was not sure if it worked as she was waiting for the West Coast to wake up and respond to trial messages.

If all this is confirmed, and this blog will follow up with developments, we will retract some of the harshest criticism we have leveled against PGP Corp. All we wanted was for them to listen to furious PGP users and get their act together.

We will continue to propose GPG as a viable alternative for people who are not bogged down in the intricacies of PGP.

However, if confirmed, last night’s developments should be a sign that finally someone at PGP took the whip in hand and decided to put an end to all that techie-geekie approach of turning a deaf ear to customer cries.


1 Response to “Breaking News: PGP Desktop 9.7 Released, Seems to Work”

  1. 1 Someone December 22, 2007 at 6:28 am

    Someone who did now have the courage to spell out his name or e-mail address just dropped this comment:

    Dude, do you really think that PGP, or any other software company had their thumb up their a*** while waiting for Leopard to come out? Software isn’t written overnight, and when you are at the mercy of the OS provider, you can’t be finished until the OS you are writing for is finished. You may think that your idiotic ranting had something to do with PGP 9.7 magically working with Leopard while previous versions did not, but it did not. Have you ever worked for a software company? Developers have release schedules and strategically schedule releases for a month or two after the OS is released so that they have time to do testing with the shipping version before releasing their own product. This blog is showing up on Google so do yourself a favor and stop saying stupid things.

    Thank you for your comment. Well now you will have to make me admit: I’m a little into software development. I have a company that gives large international sw companies CMMI audits. Obviously you’ve never been a PGP customer, at the receiving end of the chaotic development at PGPC. There are two simple messages to this blog: 1) PGP Desktop is not such a complicated software as to fail as much as it does. 2) There is no reason for PGPC to fail at something that many other companies find not so difficult to do. As to stupidity of this message, I’ll leave it to the readers.

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