Flash… Flash.. Flash… PGP Mail Bundle Back in Play

We have now multiple confirmed reports that PGP Desktop for Mac 9.7 works stably without any issues under Leopard. To the delight of previously-disappointed customers, PGP Corporation seems to have decided to put back the Mail Bundle plug-in as well. While it comes with the usual warnings of being unsupported, a dozen users have confirmed to us that they have been using it without any problems for more than a week now. Users are thankful to the PGP corporation for the recent corrective actions taken.


1 Response to “Flash… Flash.. Flash… PGP Mail Bundle Back in Play”

  1. 1 lgp December 16, 2008 at 1:04 am

    Unfortunately, the 10.5.6 upgrade seems to have broken it. I checked and the defaults settings are still as they should be, but when Mail starts it crashes and I’m presented with a dialog telling me that PGPmailLeopard.mailbundle is the culprit. Sigh….

    I don’t suppose that PGP will ever come out with a new mailbundle that will work, considering how hard they tried not to support the one they had.

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