Despair Not, Use PGP and GPG in Parallel

I’ve been getting a lot of queries about why I’m calling in for a boycott of PGP Desktop. This sounds eerily familiar from the logic courses where they teach about the fallacy of hidden premises. In this case two of those.

For starters, as a long time and present user of PGP Desktop for Windows, I’ve never experienced any difficulty. Moreover I highly recommend it as the only truly viable and still reasonably priced alternative out in the market. My problems only pertain to the Mac version. Secondly, I’m not trying to dissuade anyone from using PGP Desktop for Mac. I have two main messages:

– If you have not entrusted your data to PGP Desktop for Mac yet and are intending to do so, just beware that it’s a serious decision with potentially lethal consequences. You might be able to deal with them successfully (as I have been), or not.

– If you are deeply bogged into PGP Desktop for Mac, there is hope. You can try the open-source alternative GPG. In fact, I recommend using both in parallel as I do presently.


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