Real story:

Reader says:

I found you after processing my refund with PGP and typing “pgp for osx sucks” in Google.

Here’s my story..November 2 2008 I purchased PGP Desktop 9.9 for OSX after not upgrading PGP since the Windows 8.1 version which I might add ran ok.

I started using OSX about 2 years ago just before leopard and install Enigmail and OpenPGP and things were cool, eventually I started using Apple Mail a bit more and left Thunderbird and the plugin for app worked fine but with a new contract and sending attachments things didn’t seem to work and I would be sending the file syndrome and mime attachments..ok so lets get the OSX version of PGP they are always raving about.

Purchase..install and things going okay until all of a sudden this steaming turd is trying to hijack my SSL for all my accounts and make me do things the PGP Inc. way…STRIKE 1

So I screw with this POS for days in my off time relying all good old open pgp to keep things in check, days turn into weeks and still I haven’t got PGP working properly and even though I have reinstalled 4 times when I send mails I get the popup saying something about a send clear rule yet one doesnt exist?

I don’t have a send clear rule and the default policies have not been changed, even when I make my own policy and specify the email address explicitly and have VALID and VERIFIED keys it still send every mail unencrypted

I also get the annoying popups for my other email accounts “External connection detected” even though I must have checked the box 200 times now that says “Don’t warn me about SSL/TLS…”

So..I call PGP support line and the guy on the phone(Dan) sounds puzzled and says “Oh your using the Mac version” and then proceeds to tell me to put in a support ticket and someone will get back to me right away…sure.

I ask him about the policies and what the send clear rule is all about and he says “I’m not sure” and when I ask him about the errors popping up for gmail accounts and why when I specify by checking the box “Don’t warn me about SSL/TLS…” it keeps happening…you know what his answer was?

He tells me this is completely normal which I absolutely disagree with, I mean I checked these box’s like 200 times in a morning while trying to make this work with a single account and meanwhile its detecting my 5 other accounts even though I am saying not to..he tells me on windows he has 15 or so such connections showing also and to ignore them, he says google has multiple servers and it will keep doing that till it get them all!!

I ask him if someone ever thought to maybe make a wildcard or some way to disable this and he once again had very little knowledge it seemed and asked me to submit a ticket for help.

In the end I could not get the steaming turd to auto encrypt using their proxy..not once! I followed all instructions provided in their user manual and also went to thier forums but to no encrypt automatically.

What ever happened to opening you email client and maybe having hot-keys like ctrl+d or ctrl+e for encrypt and decrypt I asked? He tells me they got rid of the plugins and went with this method…of course I had to ask did you really think this was a good idea…all I go was a “hmmph”

I was also told by another person on the phone to just disable everything and use copy/paste…uh yeah thanks tips!

I ended up submitting a ticket this morning and got an email back saying

“Thank you for your inquiry. You should expect a response from us within 4 hours (excluding weekends).

Please note that PGP may monitor or record telephone calls for quality or training purposes.”

Well PGP.. I waited and could have maybe waited longer but thought if you can’t provide me anything helpful in our telephone conversation after I paid $83.00 then I doubt you will provide any better support through email and probably try to play email tag or phone tag till my 30 days pass.

Just minutes before I made this post I processed my refund for the steaming turd called PGP for OSX and expect my money back.

Just for reference, I have been a PGP user since 1994 and I believe the version I started with was 2.2 or 2.3 and back then it was all DOS and everything done from command line. I have sent PGP encrypted mail and attachments for 14 years now and most days average 10-15 PGP mails per day and never have I ever had this much problem with PGP in my life!!

PGP Corp. you need to stick to the KISS principle, Keep it simple stupid because if someone like me who has used computers since 1984 is having problems getting the steaming turd to work then good luck teaching the suits.

Back to using OpenPGP, GNUPGP and the Enigmail plugin for Thunderbird, this works for OSX and its free!


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