Solution for Broken Mail Bundle after 10.5.6 Upgrade

Hear oh hear PGP. This blog is not just to rant well-deserved anger at your mismanagement of your products (and maybe your relationship with Apple.) This blog is to help PGP users and you too.

OK, here’s a great tip that should make the day for most of you who have broken hearts after the 10.5.6 upgrade.

Just convert your e-mails to plain text before using the Mail Bundle to encrypt.

As far as we (me and my friends) can tell from the plain text versions of the mail messages, the main issue is that PGP’s encryption gets entangled with MIME wrapping. Do away with rich text, let PGP work on plain text and everything should be fine.

Watch this space for another great tip on how you can let your life continue as normal when Mail Bundle breaks as it tends to do every few months.

I’ve a trick I’ve been using on Gmail and it has never failed me. Just need time to write it up. Yes, I do use PGP to encrypt my PGP comms. It works!

PGP is not a bad product. It’s just that PGP Corporation is unable to manage it properly.


2 Responses to “Solution for Broken Mail Bundle after 10.5.6 Upgrade”

  1. 1 Dave December 16, 2008 at 11:10 am

    This solution doesn’t work for me because Mail crashes on opening if the PGP mailbundle is installed.


  2. 2 John Dasher December 20, 2008 at 2:06 am

    There was an issue between Apple’s recently released Mac OS X 10.5.6 update and PGP Corporation’s email encryption plug-in. While this plug-in is officially “unsupported” and is documented as such, PGP Corporation has fixed the issue and made an updated version of the plug-in available.

    While this plug-in will retain its “unsupported” status, we recognize that in certain circumstances it serves a need; for information regarding this issue and the updated plug-in, please visit:

    John Dasher, Director, Product Marketing
    PGP Corporation

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