Mac OS X 10.5.8 and PGP – You may upgrade, but…

Fear not. You may upgrade to what is probably the last point update of Leopard and hope that your PGP Desktop for Mac will continue to work. Tried and tested. As usual, there are few issues with disk or file encryption and the thing to watch is the Mail bundle. I’m using PGP Desktop 9.9.0 and not willing to do any updates before Snow Leopard. This combination is working well, so far so good.

The only glitch is Mail bundle seems to be unable to invoke PGP from time to time. So I’d select to encrypt a message and then hit send, nothing happens. No trace of the message anywhere in Sent or Draft, anywhere. Problem is easy to address. Just launch the PGP app and Mail now knows how to handle your encryption requirements. This has been going on in an erratic way.

Having mentioned Snow Leopard, let’s hope that PGP does not mess things up. Many of us do want to keep working the way we have always worked: With a bundle that ties with If it does not, this will probably be it for me and I’ll switch to open source.


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