Snow Leopard and PGP Desktop: So What Will It Be?

Historically, I have relied on PGP Desktop for mainly two purposes: Folder encryption and e-mail encryption. Following PGP’s massive heck-up of maintaining the software through OS updates, I gave up using folder encryption, opting instead for encrypted DMGs. Yet, for e-mail, I still rely on PGP. And I still need the bundle that PGP clearly does not wish to sustain.

Snow Leopard brings true suspense to PGP Desktop users once again. Will the existing PGP app work under Snow Leopard? Will it need tweaks? Will it require an upgrade of the app paid/unpaid? Will it have to be a whole new release that will make all of us shell out another 150 bucks or so? I mean, really, this time it must be something like 350 bucks to hurt real bad.


With two days to go before the release of Snow Leopard, nothing makes my heart race like the issue of PGP Desktop.

Keep your comments and stories coming. This is promising to be another ‘interesting’ epoch; in the sense of the Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times.”


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